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Glen Cary Lutheran Church
Photo Gallery: Christikon 2012
Christikon 2012
Relaxin' with a coke
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Viewed 1588 times
And yet another view
Viewed 1617 times
Viewed 1533 times
Another beautiful vista
Viewed 1497 times
Stepping carefully
Viewed 1533 times
Dinner's coming soon
Viewed 1554 times
1.2.3....all together now
Viewed 1604 times
Another beautiful view
Viewed 1554 times
Family-style dining at Base
Viewed 1561 times
Still time for pizza
Viewed 1632 times
Coming down isn't always easy
Viewed 1539 times
Just chillin'
Viewed 1562 times
Time to eat after a long ride
Viewed 1583 times
One way to keep from having your picture taken!
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